Metallica: confined, guitarist Kirk Hammett works on new riffs

Metallica: confined, guitarist Kirk Hammett works on new riffs

Metallica: confined, guitarist Kirk Hammett works on new riffs

The Four Horsemen’s next album, The Four Horsemen, is being prepared in the shadows, as Kirk Hammett never leaves his guitar and proved it on Instagram on March 20, 2020.

While Covid-19 is unfortunately gaining ground in the four corners of the world, some musicians are multiplying their live shows on social networks to keep in touch with their audience, while others, like Kirk Hammett, are taking advantage of the confinement to work hard on new melodies.

That’s what the guitarist of the American thrash metal band explained on his Instagram account on Friday, March 20th. Under a release – a black and white boomerang on which he can be seen holding the neck of one of his signature ESP guitars – the musician wrote: “Things are certainly not going as usual, but I’m fine, I’m staying safe, I’m working on some riffs… I hope you’re all doing well too.”

“Metal that rocks” in anticipation

Good news for Metallica fans who are waiting for the successor to “Hardwired…to Self-Destruct”, the tenth album released in 2016 and on which, as the MetalZone website rightly reminds us, Kirk Hammett was not credited once.

I wrote a lot of things that I’ve put aside for the band. On the last album I had nothing, because I lost most of my ideas when I lost my phone – over 500 ideas.It took me a long time to recover from that and I got it into my head that I had to produce twice as much – basically, I overcompensated,” the guitarist explained in an interview for Cosmo Music stores last October.

“So right now, I have a lot of things I can’t wait to show others. I can’t wait to record, release the album and expand our collection with some killer metal,” added a very cheerful Kirk Hammett. We’ll have to be patient before we can listen to Metallica’s new compositions.

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